HOWTO Restart shoutcast if inbound stream is lost

This is a simple way to get Shoutcast restarted (tested in Ubuntu 8.04) if the inbound stream is lost. You need Lynx installed for this to work, there might be better ways of achieving the same result though. To install Lynx: $ sudo apt-get install lynx Put in file in /usr/bin: #!/bin/bash ONLINE=$(lynx -dump […]

Bash Variables Cheat Sheet

For a complete list, see Bash Reference Manual – Bash Environment Variables. This is just my own memory-dump. To get the value of a variable, you can use: echo $OLDPWD OLDPWD previous current directory PWD current directory LANG the language used by programs, check with locale -a for available locales. Can be set in .bash_profile […]

Linux Directories and Files Cheat Sheet

Just a memory dump for important files and directories. ~/.bashrc runs on interactive login ~/.bash_aliases runs from .bashrc (if uncommented…) ~/.emacs Emacs settings /etc/crontab file that controls scheduled running of scripts /etc/cron.d/hourly, daily, weekly, monthly for running scripts on a scheduled basis /etc/group groups in the system /etc/hosts hard-coded hosts like in Windows. /etc/motd the […]

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

There are a lot of these on the net. Why not one more? I will try to keep this updated. Some commands are shell-specific (I use bash), and some are application specific, like the Apache commands. a2enmod enable apache module a2dismod disable apache module a2ensite enable apache site a2dissite disable apache site apt-get upgrades Debian/Ubuntu. […]

HOWTO: Install Shoutcast 1.9.8 on Ubuntu 8.0.4

If you want to stream your own radio station, Shoutcast is an easy solution. This little HOWTO focus only on the server part, and not on the actual audio/feeding client part. I recommend reading ShoutCast Streaming for beginners and Streaming radio with ShoutCast and WinAmp to get the hang of the audio part. Install Download […]

HOWTO: Install Lotus Domino 7.0.2 on Ubuntu 8.0.4

This minimalistic guide shows how to install Domino 7.0.2 on Ubuntu 8.0.4 server or workstation. I did this on Ubuntu 7, but did not write everything down, which meant learning/searching for the information once more. Please let me know if you have better ways of doing this! Create a domino user and group $ sudo […]

Starting with Ubuntu

I am about to change my home server from Windows to Linux, and started looking at Ubuntu. It’s very easy to install and manage, and there are lots of good HOWTO’s out there, like ”How to set up a mail server on a GNU / Linux system”. I will try getting Domino to run on […]