Blog 2002-10-31 23:11:57

A collegue of mine told me ”Computed for Display”-fields can be read from a WebQuerySave agent. ”Impossible” I said. After 5 years of developing in Domino, I should have known that those fields really was fed to the agents, but I never bothered to try it!!! B.A., I now know why you got a better […]

Blog 2002-10-31 01:09:01

Some tools I use: Log4j – kit to get logging from any Java class, Ant – builds my Java classes / JARs / JavaDocs / etc, Checkstyle – checks that I have followed my coding standards, HTTPRequester – to make simple HTTP tests, JUnit – to unit test my classes – I have also made […]

Blog 2002-10-31 00:25:46

Some of the applications I use daily at work and at home are: Opera – my web browser, Textedit – my text editor, Netbeans – my Java IDE, Bash – my DOS-prompt-replacer command line shell (used with Cygwin), Lotus Domino Designer – my Domino IDE (waiting for someone to invent a replacement…).

Using raw HTTP to access restricted Domino areas

UPDATED 2002-11-03 – The Java code in the attached file contained some errors. When using other clients than a web browser, you have to know how Domino authentication works. This is a very short description on how to login, access a restricted area, and logout using raw HTTP. With raw HTTP, I mean using a […]

Binary Notations

Negative numbers are handled different in different languages, OS:es, devices etc. The following are some of the most popular, with simple bytes (8 bits) as example. Signed Magnitude The most significant bit (MSB) is set to 1 if the value should be negative. I.e. 12 = 00001100, -12 = 10001100 One´s Complement Flip the bits […]

Blog 2002-10-24 22:16:19

Christoph Arras kindly showed me where to find Dan Velascos examples, that I was unable to find when I was playing around with design elements in views. Thanx Christoph!