Imported and took it offline

I’ve imported all my old posts and articles from into, a lot of file links are out of date and some could not be imported into this installation of WordPress since many of the file types are not allowed. I guess many of them aren’t interesting anyway since they date back to the […]

Is my blog dead?

No, but sleeping. I don’t have the same inspiration to write stuff as I did in the beginning of the blog era. Facebook, Twitter and Google has changed the game. But perhaps I’ll post things in the future that will inspire and guide people in the world of barefoot running, programming, movies and video games. […]

My blog is finally up!

After a server crash in May after a long power loss, I didn’t notice that wasn’t working. I think it works OK now after restoring a backup. A UPS is now protecting the server down :-(

The other domain I use,, which is registrered on my brother, has some problems. The problem is that the IP-address was changed on, but we didn’t made the change in the DNS. And the registrar only accepts IP-adress updates via mail from the OLD ip address, that is registered in the DNS. So, […]

Messing with themes

I am about to change theme on this site, and it will likely look ugly sometimes. Stay tuned, I will get it up as soon as possible…I hope 😀 I think I will go with this theme for a while, ”BlueDark 1.0” by [tags]Wordpress[/tags]

WordPress 2.0.1

Since I like living dangerously, I have upgraded to the fresh version 2.0.1 of WordPress. It’s a bugfix release, and it has been working great so far, even though it’s only 5 minutes since upgrading :-)! [tags]Wordpress[/tags]

Modified Google Analytics WordPress plugin

I’ve been using the Google Analytics plugin, created by Matt Labrum, a while, but it registers also every page view by me. That will give the wrong statistics, and I don’t want that. So, I modified the 0.3 version of the plugin into my own. This is the modified version, which can be set up […]

Upgraded successfully to WordPress 2.0

No problems encountered so far when upgrading from WordPress 1.5 to 2.0. I love the new admin theme! It makes better use of the screen in ”Write Post”! The WYSIWYG editor is quite nice when creating simple posts. It seems like all installed plugins works too!


You might have noticed that none of the sites is working. That is because I have moved the server from my earlier ”ISP” – thanks Ove for your bandwidth and power – but the primary DNS entry has not yet been updated. In the meantime, if you wish to access those site, you have […]