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CrashPlan (tags: backup software storage mac windows linux network p2p online security) DWR – Easy Ajax for JAVA | Getahead (tags: DWR java javascript ajax framework library)

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IBM Lotus Symphony (tags: software ibm lotus symphony opensource document presentation spreadsheet office word excel powerpoint alternative free linux windows download)

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Geometry Formulas and Facts (tags: geometry reference math algorithms 3d 2d) Remember Mismatched Domains :: Firefox Add-ons (tags: firefox security thunderbird extension addon browser certificate ssl domain) down :-(

The other domain I use,, which is registrered on my brother, has some problems. The problem is that the IP-address was changed on, but we didn’t made the change in the DNS. And the registrar only accepts IP-adress updates via mail from the OLD ip address, that is registered in the DNS. So, […]