Extract the value or alias from a alias/value pair with JavaScript

A trivial task, but handy enough to be mentioned here. You could use them like this: var s=’First|1′; alert(‘value is:’+getValue(s)); alert(‘alias is:’+getAlias(s)); /** * Returns the value in a value / alias pair formatted * like ”value|alias”. * * @param s the String to get the value (the part before * the pipe) from. * […]

Get value and alias of selected values from a list

If you have a list of choices (called Choices), say ”one|1” : ”two|2” : ”three|3” : ”four|4”, and have ”1” : ”3” as the selected (called Selected), how do you get the corresponding values ”one|1” : ”three|3” (called Result)? I thought it would be simple, like: @Left(Choices; ”|” + Selected) + ”|” + Selected …but […]

Blog 2004-08-24 13:59:49

For those of you doing cross browser development, take a look at FCKeditor, which is a similar solution as htmlArea, but it makes use of JavaScript instead of a built in IE-only gadget.

Blog 2004-08-24 13:54:02

Found htmlArea, which is a ”IE 5.5+ only” solution to have WYSIWYG editing in textareas. I put all files into a NSF, and changed some URLs that are not allowed in Domino, and got it working! You might also take a look at Jakes hack.

Useful JavaScriptlets

The following JavaScriptlets are great tools when developing web applications. Put them in your bookmarks/favorites to use them on any page! Simple resizing of the current window 800*600 1024*768 1280*1024 Misc. Read cookies Show ancestors Show generated source There are loads of scriptlets/bookmarklets like this on the webb, like Bookmarklets.com and Squarefree.com. A search at […]

Blog 2004-08-11 21:33:17

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